Swiss Gymnastics Federation
The Swiss Gymnastics Federation is the largest multi-sport association in Switzerland with core competencies in the fields of both, artistic and rithmic gymnastics, athletics and games. more
Golden Talents
Golden Talents promotes Swiss sports talents. Why do your support sports talent? the answer is simple: talent, energy and dreams are not enough to conquer the world elite. The training sessions, the travel and the equipment is expensive. The sportive program Golden Talents are there to support them. more
"Niki Böschenstein" official sportive facebook more
"Hopp Niki, Hopp Schwiizer Kunstturner" fan facebook. more
Würenlos is a municipality in the district of Baden in the Swiss canton of Aargau. It is located north of the Limmat River in the Furttal, on the border of Canton Zurich. more