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the little gymnast
The gymnastics-for-children was from the beggining much too boring for the little Niki, and any sport that had to do with balls was - apart from football - not his thing. More than anything else interested, the then 5-year olds child, to gymnastics training in the adjacent hall. When he was 12 years old, Niki felt the urge to get better soon, and posted first victories.

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Niki is fascinated by the feeling of floating in the air -in the moment of the jump- as well as the enthusiasm of the audience. His many accomplishments he owes years of back breaking work. Probably is not a coincidence that one of Niki's favorite event is "floor". About fitness, precision, concentration and orientation is the most challenging, and at the same time the basic of the six disciplines.

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Niki's gymnastics motto is "Ready to rock the hall!" What he means to conjure up feelings in the gym and inspire the people with gymnastic feats. Niki for the artistic gymnastics is not just a competitive sport, but also entertainment.