Interview: Niki Böschenstein «it was my decision» | written by daniel meyer for aargauer zeitung
Niki Böschenstein
The «würenloser» Niki Böschenstein is one of the more popular and successful gymnasts of the country. After years of injuries, he retires. AZ talked to him about the circumstances of his retirement and his life from now.

AG:  Niki Böschenstein, first appeared in the means of communication your wish to give up; afterwards it was informed that it was the Gymnastics Swiss federation the one who had no intention to renew your contract, so, what´s happening then?
NB:  First of all: It was me the one who did not want to sign for another season more. I informed about it to the federation, and finally it was done by mutual agreement.
AG:  Therefore it was not because of any dispute?
NB:  Absolutely not. It was my own decision.
AG:  But to be honest, no totally voluntary…
Yes and no. Undoubtedly it has been my own decision, motivated by the injuries accumulated in the two last years. As I went back to recover the physical form, I suffered a new injury. With the time, this has had a negative effect on my motivation, and all this has speeded up to take the determination to begin a new phase in my life. more
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